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QIA launches Quantum Internet Application Challenge 2023

The Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) has announced the launch of its first ever Quantum Internet Application Challenge, an initiative encouraging quantum enthusiasts to take part in shaping the future of the quantum internet. In collaboration with QIA, also QNE offers a beginner's challenge.


In the news: Breakthrough in teleportation furthers quantum network development

Researchers in Delft have succeeded in teleporting quantum information across a rudimentary network. 


Event: May Contain Hackers 2022

Join us at the MCH 2022, a nonprofit outdoor hacker camp taking place in Zeewolde, the Netherlands, July 22 to 26 2022!

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Workshop: Q-School 2022 - Saint Anselm College

We are a proud partner of this year's Q-School 2022! Science and engineering stand before a new paradigm in which the exploitation of quantum phenomena offers major breakthroughs in sensing and measurement, computing and simulation, and communication and networking. Join our session on the 14th of July!

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Workshop: Industry symposium - Quantum Strategy Institute (QSI)

Wojciech Kozlowski, Quantum Network Engineer at Qu Tech, shared his insights on Quantum Internet and Quantum Communication. 

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Event: IQT 2022 San Diego

The Inside Quantum Technology event in San Diego from 10 - 12, May 2022 focused entirely on the #quantum #enterprise! Kees Eijkel, our business development director, was talking about opportunities and innovation in #quantum for #business!

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Hackathon: QCHack 2022

We were delighted to be part of the QCHack 2022 #quantum hackathon packed with virtual events, including industry talks, workshops, live conversations with mentors, networking events, and panels, followed by a 24-hour virtual Quantum Network Explorer hackathon! 

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Event: The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 2022 Vienna

We were a proud partner of the IETF, a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. 

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Workshop: Industry workshop - KPN

Hands-on workshop with KPN about Quantum Networks, including possible applications and different network protocols.

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Event: IQT 2022 The Hague

This year we offered a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest #quantum #technology developments from our experts Stephanie WehnerRonald HansonJoshua A. Slater, PhDKees EijkelFrancisco Silva!

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Hackathon: MIT iQuHack 2022 Hackathon

We enjoyed interesting #quantumcomputing challenges from Quantum Inspire and attended interesting talks from various experts!

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In the news: QuTech’s ‘Quantum Network Explorer’ opens quantum networking to everyone

Launching the QNE platform fits perfectly with QuTech’s dream of making quantum technology accessible to a wider audience by offering potential users the ability to ‘play’ with the technology.

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In the news: Quantum Software Consortium: Quantum Network Explorer launch event

Experience the Quantum Network Explorer platform, get hands-on and explore applications of quantum networks, and get inspired by the leading academics and the latest generation of innovators with a showcase of the work that will transform the future of the internet.


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