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Introducing the Community Application Library

We are happy to announce the newest update to QNE: the Community Application Library!
You can now upload your own programs, explain them, and have anyone around the
world be able to execute them. Check it out here!

More details in the video below (if it doesn't work, click the link below it to watch directly on YouTube)

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The quantum internet will allow advances in security, science and computing that will impact many aspects of our lives. Learn more!

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To help you get started with QNE we have prepared some small tasks that guide you through some of our quantum network apps.

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Not sure what a quantum network is?

Kick-start your journey with this short video that explains the basic ideas behind a network that harnesses the power of quantum mechanics. Such a network is expected to make data transmission more secure and enable new applications in science and computing.

(If the video isn't working, click the link below it to watch on YouTube)