Secure Communications

Keeping your data safe 

An inherently secure internet

Whether you’re filing taxes online, using online banking or submitting medical data to a health provider, you rely heavily on the internet for continuous, reliable, and safe exchange of information. Cyber security generally uses cryptography techniques imposed by automated internet protocols, but these are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Worse still, the advent of quantum computers will potentially jeopardise most of our current key distribution techniques, so communications will become insecure.

Secure communication

Fundamentally new ways of securing information on the internet are needed, and a quantum internet provides a quirky workaround. It can use radically different techniques, exploiting quantum phenomena, and help us to secure our valuable information and protect against cyber attacks.

Password identification

Quantum information technology offers improved login protocols, able to better protect your passwords. It keeps crucial details safe from phishing attempts and eavesdroppers.

Privacy-preserving analytics

Quantum technology allows data analysis without revealing data contents. That means data analytics without compromise on privacy, granting new insights in healthcare and logistics.

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Secure Communication

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