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When an application is created, a 'src' directory is generated within the application directory - it contains your source files. These are responsible for the functionality of your application. They are Python files, and are named after your roles.

When writing these source files, you can use the functions from NetQASM to perform certain operations. The NetQASM documentation provides all the information you need on how to use NetQASM as an SDK to create your application.

Armed with your newly-written source files, run the following command to perform various validation checks on your application directory. (Make sure to run it from your application root directory):

qne application validate

Note: This command does not check whether your application behaves as expected, only if the application structure is correct, if the JSON files contain valid JSON, and if the python files return all values used to display the results.

When both the config and src directories are adjusted to your liking, and the application is validated, it's time to create an experiment!